My Travel Essentials

One can get crazy before a trip. Whatever the duration, the days leading up to the trip are filled with thoughts about what to pack. As a seasoned traveller, I have collected a couple of travel essentials over the years that I would not want to miss.


Passport and money are really the only thing you need to think of. Anything else can be picked up on the way. To make my trip more comfortable, better organised or just cheaper – these are the things I pack:


Sarongs are the most versatile thing there is. Use it as a scarf on the way to the airport and as a blanket on the plane. At my destination I then use it as a towel, linen, skirt or to protect myself from the sun. I normally bring between two and three sarongs along.

Of course, you can buy them almost everywhere and they make nice souvenirs.


Travel Essentials - The Scrubba

This is a fairly recent find. After 6 months and three trips I was hooked. Although I have always loved to have my laundry done by someone else for little money, it is just not possible everywhere and I recently had to turn to hand washing my stuff when I was a bit further off the beaten track. And hand washing your stuff is more efficient and fun with “The Scrubba“.

Pegless Washing Line

Travel Essentials - Washing Line

Over the years I have owned, lost and bought again this washing line several times. No matter where you are staying or how you are travelling. Its elasticity increases the possibilities and the hooks are just the right size. Because of the twisted cords your clothes are safe in the wind even without pegs (who travels with pegs?). The washing line is also good to hang mosquito nets or to fix that extra bag on the luggage.

Swiss Army Knife

Travel Essentials - Swiss Army Knife

This is an obvious one that doesn’t need much reasoning. A pocket knife is one of the handiest tools when travelling (as well as in regular life). As a Swiss, I actually carry a couple of small ones in addition to the one I use as I have found them to be great give-aways for tour guides and fellow travellers.

Packing Cubes

Travel Essentials - Specter Packing CubesTravel Essentials - Clean/Dirty Cube

I love love love packing cubes. Especially the “Specter” series by Eagle Creek. Now, I might look like a sales representative of that brand when unpacking my backpack in a dorm (couldn’t resist cracking a smile the last time), but I am not. I am just really a fan of the way my luggage is organised with almost no added weight. It all started with the clean/dirty cube which is still my favorite.


* I did not receive any advantage (monetary or other) to list the travel essentials above. I will, however, receive a small commission from Amazon if you happen to order them through the provided links.